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Rewards.com is the
Winner of the BEST ICO CoinAGENDA Investors Conference!

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How is Rewards disrupting loyalty

Rewards.com is bringing a worldwide universal loyalty reward token to market for consumers and businesses using blockchain technology.

Rewards Global Marketplace

One Marketplace that brings together over 100,000,000 products, restaurants, services, retailers, tickets, fashion, music and more from all the major brands large and small. 

That allows you to earn the most valuable (points) RWRD in the market. Earn when shopping, booking travel, dining out, and attending events all while taking advantage of discounts, coupons and promotions.

Use your RWRD for almost anything! Book airfare, get a hotel room, remodel the kitchen, go out to dinner, see a concert – there are endless options.

About Rewards.com

The company behind Rewards

Rewards.com is a pioneer in consumer loyalty and rewards marketing. Rewards.com’s team demonstrates a proven track record of consumer engagement with years of experience in the design, development, and management of complex loyalty and rewards programs.

By listening to the needs of customers and learning from the experience of managing some of the world’s largest consumer loyalty programs, they have gained expertise and trust in this booming industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to take crypto mainstream and give the power of loyalty to the customer.

Rewards Ecosystem

The economy is conditioned and driven by forces supply and demand: value, purchase patterns, desires, charity, status, technology advancements and the market.

We have two “ Ah-ha moments” in our ecosystem. The first is when a customer realizes they can make everyday purchases and earn cryptocurrency and the other is when they realize the RWRD token and market stimulate the overall economy providing lift and stability.

The process between the two distinct ecosystems: The Rewards economy and the market has a central point where the liquidity of the RWRD stimulates both ecosystems.


Rewards is a hyrbrid fusing the core platform, blockchain, and authentication scheme to create a fast secure processing environment.


Today customers can shop at Rewards.com earn commission and get discounts. We have enrolled 250,000 members and have begun development of the decentralized platform which will transform the loyalty industry by putting cryptocurrency in the hands of the world.

Token Distribution

Token Allocation

The Rewards Token will be an ERC20 coin on the Ethereum Blockchain.

One billion coins (1,000,000,000) will be created, of which 300 million (300,000,000) will be made available via the Token Distribution Sale in Q1 of 2018. The minimum raise will be 5,000 Ether. If this figure is not reached, all contributors will receive their contributions back.

Allocation of Proceeds

30% Marketing and business development

25% Development

20% Salaries and operating expenses

10% Platform / Support

5% legal and Smart Contract audit costs

Meet The Team

Todd Rowan
Todd Rowan

Rewards.com CEO & Co-founder

Linda Butcher
Linda Butcher

Rewards.com Co-founder

Derek Chapin
Derek Chapin

Rewards.com Co-founder

Adrian Armaselu
Adrian Armaselu

Blockchain Developer

Ali Agha
Ali Agha

Blockchain Developer

Shane Tackett
Shane Tackett


Felicia Marquez
Felicia Marquez

Digital & Marketing Strategist

Denis O’Neil
Denis O’Neil

ICO Coordinator


The RWRD token can be used for purchases of goods and services on our platform. RWRD can also be moved to an exchange.
The token does not imply the ownership of shares in the company or any part thereof.

You can join the growing group of people who do not want to pay full price for their purchases. You can get great savings and earn in cryptocurrency RWRD.

Token sales will begin after the launch of each country on our roadmap.

In order to keep your tokens safe, we recommend our customers to use two-factor authentication (2FA) for their personal wallets. Be vigilant and keep your private keys safe.

Security of your personal wallets lies entirely with you.

All funds received during the token sale will be placed in a secure escrow.
The funds are managed by Tackett & Mull Law Firm through a multi-signature process.

Contact Us

Customer Support


Press Office


Special Terms


R&D Office


Read our papers

Executive White Paper
Technical White Paper

Contact US

Customer Support Support@rewards.com

Press Office PR@rewards.com

Tech Support: Tech@Rewards.com

Special terms Whale@rewards.com

R&D Office


1 BTC = $16476.23 USD  (via Coinbase)
1 ETH = $678.66 USD  (via Coinbase)
1 LTC = $302.33 USD  (via Coinbase)
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